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COFFEA ARABICA (from Arabica by Peter Rose & Anne Conlon)


RCM24MD Licence to download the mp3 audio file of Coffea Arabica (by Peter Rose and Anne Conlon © Josef Weinberger Ltd. London). The file will be sent to your email address after payment has been processed.

Coffea Arabica (Soloist Lucy Tomlinson) is a song from the Cantata/Musical 'Arabica' performed here by the amazing Choir and Musicians of St Augustine's RC High School, Lancashire. This ‘fair-trade musical’, commissioned by WWF-UK, tells the story of coffee from its earliest beginnings when it was discovered by the Ethiopian goatherd Khaldi whose goat reacted incredibly to the “strange and wonderful, great and powerful, rare and beautiful berry”. And so Coffea Arabica was born! Sheet music and downloads are available from www.roseconlonmusic.co.uk fro

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